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Bachelor of Fine Art
(Painting / Sculpture / Graphic / Applied Art)

A 4-year Degree Course leading to Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) in Painting / Sculpture/ Graphic/ Applied Art.

The Degree Course shall consist of a Foundation Course of two years followed by a specialised course of two years in the case of the Degree course.

From the Chairman

The “website”, will give, and also will collect, the information of all related sorts, which include admission, for the new and renewal for old students.

Students, than, will find decisive mode, to choose for enhancement of skills and creativity; a path, that will lead to perfection, in the field of visual and artistic reality.

It, again, will give way to those who have pre-occupied inclusive visual knowledge, who again readily gives progressive norms to the institution (IAC) with traceable out-look.

Student's Work

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