a) There shall be an examination at the end of every year for degree course and student shall be examined on the papers mentioned in para 4 in each year except that in the case of “English” the examination shall be taken at the end of the Second Year & that, “fundamental of Art” shall be a non-credit course.
Half Yearly Examination will be held during the middle of December & Annual Examination will be held in the middle of April.

b) The University shall conduct the following examinations :
i) At the ‘end of the 2nd year the papers of the 2nd year for Degree course.
ii) At the end of the 4th Year the papers of the 4th year for the Degree cours.

c) 25 marks per paper shall be reserved for performance in the class works for the practical papers XIII -XX in the case of the Degree course.

d) Written/Theory paper of 100 marks shall be of 3 hours duration.

e) Duration for each practical paper shall be as decided by the Examiners maintaining uninformity in all the practical papers of the same year irrespective of the specialisation.

f) A student shall be declared to have passed an annual examination if he/she secures a minimum of 36% in each written/theory paper and 50% in each practical paper provided that he/she secures a minimum of 43% in the aggregate of the total marks of all the papers examined at the examination. A student who is successful in such an annual examination shall be promoted to the next higher class.

g) Candidates who have passed all the annual examinations of BFA course shall be put under the following categories :

Pass – 43 – 49% marks
i) 3rd Division – 50 – 59 % Marks
ii) 2nd Class – 60 – 69 % Marks
iii) Ist Class – 70 – 79 % Marks
iv) Distinction – 80 % Marks above in the aggregate.

Note : Total marks of all the papers examined for Degree course is 2700 respectively


i) A student shall be admitted to each Examination of the Degree course after payment of the necessary fees prescribed by the College/University.

ii) Provided that he/she attends a minimum of 75% of the lectures/practical prescribed.

iii) Lectures and practical shall be conducted upto 10 days previous to the date of commencement of the examination.

vi) If the student fails some subjects in theory as well as practical (maximum 3 subjects) in the annual examination, he/she will be given a chance to re-appear for the examination specially arranged for them to clear the pending subjects for three consecutive period. In this case, if the student could not succeed, he/she will not be given permission for further studies.

v) Every candidate sent up for any of the examination for the Degree must submit his/her application in the purpose prescribed form of the University within the date fixed for the University examination such an application must be forwarded by the Principal or any other authorised person testifying to (i) the eligibility of the candidate to appear at the examination, (ii) the good conduct of the candidate and (iii) the satisfactory progress of the candidate in his/her study during the course.

vi) A candidate for any of the examinations of the Degree course shall be required to pay such fees as may be prescribed by the University from time to time.

vii) A candidate who fails to appear at any of the examinations of the Degree course shall not be entitled to refund of the fees nor shall the fees be carried over to any subsequent examination, unless he/ she claims to refund within 10 days of the payment.